Faces of Willoughby is the largest community photographic project ever conducted in Willoughby City. The mural comprises of individual photographic portraits of more than 2,000 Willoughby residents taken as part of the 2010 Willoughby Spring Festival. The photographs were digitally blended together to form a six-picture series of male and female composite portraits to reflect the ancestry, age and gender make-up of the entire Willoughby community. The digital images are displayed on screens surrounded by a collage of the individual portraits and historic photographs of Willoughby.

Faces of Willoughby celebrates Willoughby as the City of Diversity, reflecting our rich multiculturalism and strong sense of community in an interactive and imaginative way. The project recognises that everyone has a role in the ongoing life of the community. The mural is a visual archive for the future and celebrates Willoughby’s cultural heritage.

Location: Ground Floor Foyer, The Concourse