VISITING ENKI by Wendy Mills

Encompassing the entire space of the water court on The Concourse’s open space, Wendy Mills’ Visiting Enki comprises of a boat-like open framework as the focal point of the installation, with a counterbalance of scattered, grey shapes on the floor below the water.

Inspired by an ancient Sumerian myth, Visiting Enki follows the story of Inanna, the queen of heaven, who travels in her sky-boat to visit Enki, the lord of wisdom, for a convivial night of feasting and drinking. Enki gives Inanna his divine decrees in a moment of generosity, but he deeply regrets his action the next morning and commands her boat be set upon by sea monsters. Escaping her pursuers, Inanna uses the decrees to establish a new order of civilization and culture in her city.

Australian visual artist Wendy Mills has created a range of works throughout her career, from temporary installations, interactive computer works, to commissioned public art. Much of her artwork is characterised by an underlying geometry and the use of translucent and reflective materials such as water and light.

Location: Outdoor Space, The Concourse