To our valued Concourse patrons: As a result of the COVID19 crisis and the mandated shutdown of Performing Arts Centre venues by the NSW government we have seen an unprecedented volume of event cancellations. As the duration of this shutdown is unknown it is also prudent to assume that events will continue to cancel through the rest of this year.

This has resulted in an enormous backlog of ticket refund requests.

In conjunction with these requests, the total shutdown of any event activity has unfortunately also resulted in the overnight cessation of any venue income necessitating the dramatic downsizing of venue staff.

This means that there may be some delay in processing your refund requests. Please be patient while we work through this backlog.

In most cases, for simple ticket purchases, the process is straightforward and you will receive an email from our ticketing agent and the refund will be processed

In a minority of cases, for complex subscription bookings, the process is manual. In many cases patrons have not provided email addresses and need to be called, on an individual basis. This requires large amounts of labour and is extremely time consuming.

You will receive your refund. Please be patient while we process them in due course.

All Ticketing funds are held in a trust arrangement for exactly times like this and there are both industry policies and laws in place to ensure this happens.

We simply ask for your patience and understanding at this time as we do our best to move through the process.

We thank you for your ongoing support of The Concourse and your patronage.

 Kind regards,

Greg Khoury

Executive Director


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