Do you go to work uncertain if your talents are being put to good use? The reality is many of us go through life working without an understanding of what our mission in life is. This can cause a gap between work and fulfilment and feelings of dissatisfaction. 'Pay cheque with a Purpose' – an exclusive one-night event in Sydney featuring Alexandre Havard, an international speaker, writer, and the visionary founder of the  Virtuous Leadership® System - will help you make the paradigm shift you need to approach work with passion, purpose and serenity, breaking free from routines that bind you from living and working the way you aspire to.

Gain insights from Alexandre Havard’s Virtuous Leadership framework to supercharge your goals and harness the key practical habits needed to make an impact and a difference at work while also staying aligned with your mission. Join us on this transformative journey as we unveil the keys to purposeful work and harmony in your professional and personal life.

Attend Alexandre Havard’s one-night event in Sydney to discover the path to fulfilment at work that doesn’t compromise your financial security or personal life. For more information visit