We are very proud to present this timeless and superb classical ballet treat to our audiences.

With a cast of internationally recognized artists, SWAN LAKE will bring the superb ballet technique of Petipa's original choreography to the stage.  This stunning production is also beautifully choreographed in selected scenes and re-staged by Victorian State Ballet's director Michelle Sierra. Don't miss out the unforgettable White Swan pas de deux, the thrilling 32 fouettés of the Black Swan and the world-famous Act II - Four Cygnets' Dance!

Swan Lake is one of the world’s most famous ballet set to the timeless score by Tchaikovsky. An absolute spectacular sight of a beautiful sea of white tutus that is unforgettable! This is the perfect ballet for everyone. A must-see production!

Take advantage of this unique and opportunity. Bring family and friends along to experience the sheer delight and beauty of Classical Ballet. Appropriate for all ages.

‘’I was hypnotized by the pure beauty of every ballet movement on that stage’’

‘’The choreography, technique and phenomenal costume designs were out of this world, a performance not to be missed!’’ - Cassandra Van Zeyl - Bohemian Rapsody Magazine, August 2023